Every System, Every Project –
Custom Engineered for Optimal Performance

Every water body is different.  Cookie-cutter, off-the shelf aeration technology may be convenient and low cost for the manufacturer to produce, BUT in many cases it is inefficient and ineffective in the field.

Most aeration companies are product-based.  They develop set product packages or “kits” that supposedly fit a range of water body sizes, depths and conditions. CLEAN-FLO International is results-based. We take the time to custom engineer each design to meet the specific needs and requirements to achieve complete water body restoration.

The most important part of CLEAN-FLO’s unique water improvement process is called “Continuous Laminar Flow Inversion and Oxygenation”. Laminar flow inversion sets the stage for other functions to take place that lead to eutrophication reversal and water quality improvement. CLEAN-FLO invented and engineered this energy efficient process for a wide range of fresh water and wastewater applications. Unlike ordinary diffused air systems, surface aerators, paddlewheels, hypolimnetic aerators, or propeller-aspirator aerators, our process oxygenates an entire body of water from top to bottom.

Laminar flow created by our systems is non-turbulent and will not increase suspended solids or increase turbidity. In fact the opposite is true, suspended solids and turbidity will be reduced. Our diffusers are placed on the bottom and are not suspended above the sediments, to ensure oxygenation of the sediment-water interface. As the bubbles release from a diffuser, oxygen is transferred to the water from the bubble, and they also move water gently to the surface and across the surface where additional oxygen is absorbed by the water. CLEAN-FLO systems are designed to completely mix the surrounding waters and evenly distribute dissolved oxygen throughout the sediments for efficient microbial utilization.

Continuous laminar flow inversion oxygenates the water and removes toxic gases

​CLEAN-FLO laminar flow systems increase inversion of a water body to several times a day or several times a week or month. The amount of inversion depends on CLEAN-FLO’s engineering design to counteract incoming pollutants and pollutants in that particular body of water. Our systems are designed for a particular site and account for variables such as water depth and volume, basin bathymetry, water flow rates, presence of aquatic weeds and algae growth, and thickness and composition of lake sediment.

Continuous laminar flow aeration and oxygenation has provided valuable improvements in water quality and fish health and growth, while also producing reductions of nutrients, non-living organic muck, and foul odors.

​Biological Augmentation

What is it?

In addition to properly engineered aeration, biological augmentation can be used to further enhance water quality improvements, reduced nutrients and thus aquatic weed and algae control in any body of fresh water or wastewater.  Biological augmentation involves the supplemental application of non-toxic, natural, beneficial microbes, enzymes and minerals to clean a body of water.  This augmentation improves water quality, clarity and reduces organic sediments (muck) that accumulate over time on the bottom of a body of water, and best of all, it is natural.

In addition to adding microbes, CLEAN-FLO is pioneering the stimulation of indigenous microbes.  We are now using food grade electron donors and cofactors to stimulate indigenous microbial populations to accelerate organic and inorganic bioremediation.  Through over 40 years of microbial research, our microbiologists continue to advance the possibilities of bioremediation in dealing with hydrocarbons and heavy metals contamination in water bodies.

Why is it needed?

Due to nutrient overloading, many water bodies become out of balance.  Large algae blooms and aquatic weeds start to overtake the system.  Due to photosynthesis, dissolved oxygen levels are constantly changing, making it hard on fish and other aquatic life.  Chemical applications drop the killed algae and weeds to the bottom where they start to decay before running out of oxygen.  This oxygen depletion also kills natural bacteria and microbes that can consume the decaying plant material, so the material accumulates into inches and many times, feet of muck at the bottom.  As muck accumulates, nutrients build-up, water becomes shallower and sunlight penetration is even more efficient in starting new weed and algal growth.  It then becomes a downward spiral, requiring more chemical applications and stronger chemicals to achieve the same result.

The spiral can be reversed.  Water bodies can be efficiently improved without chemicals.  Biological augmentation with beneficial organisms jump starts the most efficient way to clean water, nature.  Think of a compost pile and how it breaks down.  It requires consistent turning to allow oxygen inside the pile to stimulate natural bacteria in breaking down the waste.  This is what the CLEAN-FLO process does at the bottom of a body of water.  Our process gets oxygen to the sediment layer at the bottom, then augmentation with beneficial bacteria takes place, water improves and the muck disappears.

Where does the muck go?

Into food for fish and other aquatic life.  As these beneficial microbes do their job, they are consumed by aquatic insects and small fish.  These insects and small fish are consumed by even larger fish and the entire food chain is enhanced naturally.  Fish health, growth and activity are greatly increased.  More importantly, nutrients are greatly reduced in the process, resulting in nuisance weed and algae control.

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