​AEC Ltd. is dedicated to removing nuisance aquatic weeds/aquatic vegetation and algae in aquatic systems and strives to improve the ecological norms in the aquatic environment utilizing:
- Herbicidal Control / Lake Weed Control Chemicals
- Carp/Fish Livestock Control Methods
- Mechanical Control
- Biological Control & Remediation
- Vegetative & Structural Control
- Water Circulation, Aeration & Technical Control

Key New Zealand Target Specie List:
Curly Pond Weed - Potemogeton crispus Parrots Feather - Myriophyllum aquaticum
Brazilian Elodea - Egeria densa Hydrilla - Hydrilla verticullata
African Elodea - Lagarosiphon major Alligatorweed - Alteranthera philoxeroides
Non-Native Azolla(floating weed) Blue-Green Algae - Various Cyanobacteria forms
AEC Ltd. is also pleased to be involved with the control and removal of unwanted pest fish species from waterways and ponds such as Koi carp(Cyprinus carpio), Mosquitofish(Gambusia affinis) and other non-native invasive species.
AEC Ltd. regularly consults and seeks advice with the professional scientific and practical expertise of individuals at the University of Waikato, NIWA, Bill Chisholm of Aquatic Weed Control Ltd. and Brian Coffey of Coffey & Associates.

AEC Ltd. is familiar with and carefully follows governmental/council regulations.

"Kinloch Marina Ltd has used Aqua-Environs over the past several years to assist managing the aquatic weed problem that has been apart of the marina since it was built in 1961. We have used Aqua Environs for both advice and implementation of controlled spraying as well as installation of an aeration system to increase oxygen in the water in addition, the use of timed introduction of biological enzymes. We are very happy with the early results and the ongoing consultancy provided by Aqua Environs."
- Tim Brittain, Marina Chairman

AEC Ltd.

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​​​Throughout New Zealand in lakes, canals, ponds -invasive aquatic weed control using herbicides, bio-treatments, physical mitigation -mechanical control